1510 House

1510 House

Nordest Arquitectura
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Private Houses
Adrià Goula

1510 House

Nordest Arquitectura as Architects

The House is understood as a floating volume on the mountain.A space for contemplation that it’s opened to the views and the garden simultaneously.


The building is integrated to the landscape reducing its presence just to a concrete volume. The other elements are materialized with natural stone from the site, in that way, they can be read like if they come out from the land.


The interaction in between the different volumes, creates a close garden and protected from the main winds of the zone. Is from this garden, where it is possible to enjoy the environment thought a spaces succession that related the outside and the inside of the house, turning them to just one space.


The entrance to the house is done by a staircase excavated on the rock. Then, there’s the bedroom area level, which corresponds to the base under where the main volume is floating. From an indoor staircase, there’s the access to the main level. This level, is divided in two parts, one element that have a room opened to a in courtyard, and another one , with the main living space of the house, a big living area that allows through it an horizontal transparency that connect the sea views and the garden.

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