17-028_Agrandissement N

17-028_Agrandissement N

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DESK architectes

17-028_Extension N

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Located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough, the project consisted of the renovation of an existing annex in the back yard, with severe water infiltration deficiencies. After analysis, it was agreed that the logical solution was complete demolition, followed by a reconstruction.

With a similar look, the new volume covers an area 20% larger than the previous annex and is generously open on the backyard. This abundant fenestration, on the same level as the terrace, blurs the limit between the inside and the outside, making this four-season room a natural extension of the courtyard towards the house. The layout of the openings at the end of the volume also helped optimize traffic between the main building and the backyard. The new annex was designed to accommodate a large roof terrace, to the delight of the upper floor tenants.

As the existing brick lining of the main building offers a lot of character, sober materials were prefered for the new annex: a gray steel cladding brings balance, white windows match existing windows and red cedar decks give a touch of warmth to the project.

Material Used :

1. MAC – Facade cladding – Norwood
2. Fenplast – Windows opening– PVC - classique
3. Ciot – Ceramic – Augusta Ica nat

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Products used in this project
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct name
Windows opening – PVC - classiqueFenplast
Ceramic – Augusta Ica natCiot
Product Spec Sheet
Windows opening – PVC - classique
Ceramic – Augusta Ica nat
by Ciot
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