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39 woodens houses in Bayonne

39 woodens houses in Bayonne

Agence Bernard Bühler
Bordeaux, France | View Map
Project Year
Vincent Monthiers

39 woodens houses in Bayonne

Agence Bernard Bühler as Architects

This program of 39 houses with 3 to 5 rooms for home ownership, near a wooded area, favors integration into the site. Located on the clearing side or in the undergrowth, the dwellings are developed on one level or on stilts. Designed in a wooden frame with prefabricated panels clad in retified Landes pine, a material also making up the shutters and guardrails of the terraces, all different in their layout and their openings. They each have a private garden and are distributed by a central alley whose sinuosity follows the topography of the land

This operation of 39 wooden houses makes it possible to respond to the need to reduce construction costs, to respond to the desire to offer innovative architecture and to associate an environmental dimension with it.

Thus, the additional cost generated by the choice of individual housing has in particular been offset by the prefabrication and standardization on 39 houses, while offering a wide typological choice for first-time buyers.

Finally, the original and innovative character of the wooden houses of the Hameau de Plantoun, whose contemporary aspect is strongly affirmed, makes it possible to break with the classic habitat of the ZUP and thus proposes a renewal of the image of social housing and alternative to housing estates.


Material Used:
Facade cladding: timber frame with prefabricated panels / clad in retified “Pin des Landes”
Flooring: Wood
Doors: Wood
Windows: Wood

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