4.5 House
Leonardo Giantomasi

4.5 House

Vertentes Arquitetura as Architects

This house is distributed in a structural concrete mesh measuring 4.50 by 4.50 meters, applied on the ground and upper floors. This is the origin for the name of the house. The structural mesh is evident, for example, in the set of pillars and beams that make up the span in double height of the external terrace.
This modulation provided greater rationality of building works and also ensured aesthetic harmony, coming from the addition and subtraction of volumes within the modules.

The implantation of the house was arranged in an "L" format, which ensured good distribution of the construction in this lot, allowing the interior of the house to be supplied with abundant lighting and natural ventilation on most days of the year.
If, on the one hand, the implantation brought good levels of insolation and ventilation, on the other hand, it allowed constant incidence of sun during most of the day. To filter out the sun's rays, we recover elements from the Brazilian modernist repertoire, such as the “cobogós” (typical hollow bricks) used in the high wall of terrace, or the precast concrete beams in the external access of the residence.
Regarding the distribution of the rooms in plan, the ground floor was purposely designed to achieve full integration between the areas of living, leisure and gourmet. This integration was reinforced by the abundant use of glass, which visually connects the interior of the house with the exterior spaces, in addition to showing the mesh of structural modulation.
To generate contrast and enrich the visual of the house, we designed contrast elements that broke the dominant orthogonality of the building. First of these elements occurs in the balance of the upper volume on gourmet area. At the point where a support pillar was supposed to be placed, the structure was set back, creating a free span over the ground floor. Thus, the adopted modulation is broken, creating a completely open space on the ground floor.
Another counterpoint item is the swimming pool, whose angular shape, formed by a set of triangles, breaks with the predominant straight lines of the construction. The result brings a feeling of fluidity, ensuring better use of space in the garden.
Regarding the finishing of the walls, the external dark tone was chosen to endorse the characteristic volumetry of the house, reinforcing the facade's identity. The selected color creates contrasts with the complementary finishes, such as the beige stone texture and the ceramic tone of the hollow elements. Another contrast occurred between the visual impact of the walls in the second floor with the predominantly transparent set of the leisure block on the ground floor.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Ceramic (Porcelanato) , Portinari, Cabernet 60x120cm
2. Flooring: Ceramic (Porcelanato) , Portinari, York 90x90cm
3. Doors: Social door, Corten Steel, Baltieri
4. Windows: Aluminum frame, Baltieri, 
5. Roofing: Metal tile, Pizzinato, Isotermic tiling
6. Interior lighting: Pendant light, Accord, 
7. Interior furniture: Artificial fiber, Design in Junco 

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Pendant lightAccord Lighting
DoorsCorten Steel
Artificial fiberDesign in Junco
Product Spec Sheet
Cabernet Hd Wh Hard, York Sgr by Portinari
Pendant light
Artificial fiber
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