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7047 // Concrete

7047 // Concrete

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7047 // Concrete

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Minimalistic fit-out

Enjoy our awesome design for a young couple in Berlin. They acquired a 3-floor semi-detached house, in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, a sought-after area in Berlin. The clients asked us to design a minimalistic fit-out for the already built house. Check out the before / after slider above! You will see that this could have been easily the standard fit-out you see across the town.

Our initial renderings and visualisations of the space already show what we have achieved: maximal minimalism. There are no door handles, few materials and just one colour: RAL 7047 – the perfect neutral grey. The floor is built as a smooth Terrazzo, with white pieces of Carrara marble and light grey cement, honed with light to a perfect matte finish. The walls are painted in a perfectly matte grey colour; the panelled walls are lacquered in a semi-matte finish. The concrete ceiling appears in contrast like a multi-faceted painting and is now the liveliest element of the space, framed by clarity and calm.

The floor-to-ceiling glass balustrade connects the space across all three floors, up to the roof terrace – adding a layer of acoustic separation from the other levels, but still allowing light and life to shine through. The fit-out is a master piece of minimalism - colour and materials are used stringently to support and elevate the form.

Our favourite features:

Kitchen We gave special thought to the kitchen design and designed a bespoke piece of furniture, fully integrated into the minimalistic concept. All doors and drawers are covered with the same panels as the surrounding walls and even their shadow gaps match those of the panelled walls. All appliances are hidden with push to open or detachable panels. The worktop itself is made of a light grey Corian and 850mm deep – allowing a Bora air extract to suck the moist air to the bottom and creating more space where it is actually needed when cooking. It’s illuminated by two flat LED panels, evenly lighting the working area with shadows being casted.

Pendant light fittings How to design a minimal and also flexible lighting solution that does away with all the cables pulled from one corner of the room to the other? We came up with grid of 12 secret cable stashes in the ceiling. Each contains a 2m long cable hidden in a cavity in the concrete slab, and shows only as a 10mm metal piece, flush with the ceiling. Whenever you move a table or add a reading chair, you pull down the cable, reinforced with a wire for carrying any light-fitting you chose. No longer required cables can be pushed back into the ceiling.

Doors without handles We set out to invent the most amazing minimalistic doors that could be built –flush with their neighbouring walls, opening inward – and without handles! Here are the ingredients: Tektus hinges for inward opening, with an adjustable roller door catch, enabling push-to-open on the whole door, a leather latch to pull the door open when in the room – and a recess in the door leaf, to close the door behind you.

Swivel door The top floor contains the bedroom and is open to the stairs – inhabited by only the couple this should suffice in most scenarios. However – there may be moments when you wish to retract and have a bit more separation than usual. For these days we included a motorized shading system – to block light from the staircase coming in. In addition, one of the wall panels is actually a swivel door, that pivots around its invisible fixings in floor and ceiling – perfectly concealed when open.

Concrete Bathtub

Last, but not least, check out this video of constructing the bespoke concrete bathtub!

We designed a massive concrete bathtub which was built with the help of Accidential Concrete. To achieve the perfectly smooth concrete surface, an acrylic mould was used. The crisp and sharp edges emphasize the cubic design while rounded corners to the inside grant comfort.

Get in touch if you desire a fit-out that exceeds your own expectations!

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