8 social housing centcelles

8 social housing centcelles

aguilera|guerrero architects
Tarragona, Spain
Project Year
Social Housing
Pepo Segura


aguilera|guerrero architects as Architects

Work discipline Proyectual + = AWARENESS BUILDING DESIGN

The main objective research we proposed in this project was constructively realize that we spoke envelope to define the formality of the architectural object.

An envelope, continuous and specialist, capable of providing the required technical quality and formal quality projected. As an isolated building, the solution should respond satisfactorily to all orientations.

We held together in the same building solution versatility and variety of materials that provides a ventilated façade, with increasing thermal inertia and saving insulating layer provided by a facade of termoarcilla monohoja throughout the set. The materialization of the envelope required a texture element to be able to allow some permeability and outdoor view without apparent joints and finally with polychromatic characteristics that produce different optical effects depending on the viewing angle and the incidence of the sun and obviously waterproof serve.

The inner bearing leaf, not only had to take the support functions of the substructure of the wrapper but have a high degree of inertia and thermal insulation. This we were getting through a ceramic enclosure termoarcilla, thus we saved us part of insulation required in other solutions sprang ventilated façade cladding have a common basis throughout the building, only to differences in the thickness of the base part as its position and orientation. Indirectly we were introducing a degree of prefabrication and industrialization in some constructive solutions within strict budgetary framework for promotion of housing.

The end result is a double façade solution, on the one hand for the overall building envelope, a ventilated metal panel finish minionda color inside termoarcilla24 sheet and an insulating layer of 30mm, and secondly, a ceramic coated to those areas where it disappears the first formal grounds, an enclosure of termoarcilla29 monohoja coated with stucco. In addition, this part of facade lags the perimeter defined by the metal shell with a double technical and compositional objective.

The technical objective, cause plane shadow on it to protect us in the guidelines sunniest south / southwest. The objective compositional space show wrapped, the empty space in a material solidifies in the words of Oteiza:

"The definition of empty space for unemployment"

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