8 townhouses in Granada

8 townhouses in Granada

DTR_studio arquitectos
Avenida de Juventudes Musicales, 18014, Granada, Spain
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Private Houses
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8 townhouses in Granada

DTR_studio arquitectos as Architects

It is a promotion of 8 homes located in the expansion area of the city of Granada, forming two rows of 4 houses on a square plot that has two streets frontage. A distribution scheme has been developed that allows you to maximize the relationship with your own outdoor space, the kitchen area will have a direct relationship with the front yard, the living area located on a higher level, will be turned over to the backyard, and the basement, usually low-skilled, will have a patio that will give natural light and ventilation, while qualifying the entrance.

The car is located on the porch next to the front garden. The kitchen and the hall are also open to the patio. The bedrooms will also be staggered, differentiated by levels the area of children of the parents, getting some privacy between them.

The use of wooden lattices to give privacy and the circulation through courtyards, will add value to the houses . The concrete plinth and the white concrete bricks for the rest complete the facades . The stairs will be the lightest and transparent as possible, to boost the relationship between the different levels.

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Deceuninck N.V.Deceuninck N.V.Carpinteria PVC
RocaRocaSanitaryware and faucets
SALONISoleria y alicatados
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