94 Dwellings and nursery ZAC Alphonse Guérin

94 Dwellings and nursery ZAC Alphonse Guérin

Rennes, France - Build completed in 2018
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94 dwellings and nursery ZAC Alphonse Guérin

a/LTA architectes - urbanistes as Architects

The architectural aspect integrates and developesthe intentions behind the urban landscape specifications of the Zac Alphonse Guerin.


Our approach focuses on creating contemporary architecture in a built environment with an existing heritage of contemporary construction. Our project enters into a harmonious and subtle dialogue with a referential focus on its specific urban context.


The project is divided into two buildings. One of five storeys with an attic level which lines up along Avenue Sergent Maginot and the seconda ten storey with attic which faces the banks of the Vilaine to the South .


From this perspective the "Bouygues Immobilier" building proposes a strongly reinforced vertical fragmentation divided into "skyline type" volumes fronting the Vilaine. This vertical fragmentation of the projects volumetryis in keeping with the existing scale of the RENNES skyline as seen from the south/east of the city.


Further down and to the north the “AiguillonConstruction” buildingsits on the Avenue Sergent Maginot and has a resolutely urban facade in accordance with the existing architecture along the quays.

Description of the building façades.

The south elevation of the larger of the two buildings (68 appartments for Bouygues Immobilier), is largely glazed for maximum comfort, and drapedwith a semi-transparent metal mesh which, depending on the suns position exhibits varying levels of transparency. This lends the building an overall volumetric coherence and breaks with the sometimes harsh appearance of similar buildings of this scale. From a distance, this building with its play on light, shade and translucency conveys a strangely abstract appearance as thatof a cloud floating above the water.

The metallic mesh forms a soft but transparent filter against the sometimes aggressive southern light as it penetrates to the interior of the building. The windows are sufficiently large to balance out the meshes protective properties allowing for optimal brightness in the living spaces. The north facing façade on the boulevard assumes a more urban character of masonry, vertical windows with a few hints back to the mesh veil.

Gradually the development of the façades moves from the abstract to traditional architecturepicking up on the contemporary references of the urban fabric of Rennes.

The North elevation of the “AiguillonConstruction”building reflectsthe smaller-scale domestic approach of the larger residential buildings in Rennes. In a quite sobre fashion it seems to dialogue with its more imposing neighbor to the west the buildings fronting theavenues Aristide Briand and Sergent Maginot.

With its facade comprising of a masonarycladding onexterior insulation the building actively presents a series of vertical openings (aluminum windows) and as with the Bouygues building the South façade is largely glazed. The buildingis raised at ground floor level giving views through to an interior garden. A certain coherence between the two buildings is achieved through the use of the metallic mesh from the “Bouygues” project applied to the guard-rails of this one.

The open spacebetween the projects will be carefully landscaped to provide a comfortable outside area which in turn will establish a real  This garden will establish a real link with the two neighbouring buildings.

The proposed architectural styles, although different in their approach, belong to the same graphic and architectural register. Thisserves to highlight their respective identities according to their context and helps to create a coherent ensemble.

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