A prism in the heart of Tel Aviv

A prism in the heart of Tel Aviv

Tal Goldsmith Fish
Tel Aviv, Israel
Project Year
Amit Geron

A prism in the heart of Tel Aviv

Tal Goldsmith Fish as Architects

The office is located in the center of Tel Aviv in a 1930's building. The objective being to maintain the qualities of the old building in the historical neighborhood and pour into it modern elements, which will be unique and unexpected in order to create an experience to the one coming from the street and into the office.

As we were asked to keep the space relatively open with easy eye contact between the people working in the office, it was clear to us that glass would be the main material, and we were looking for a way to make it a strong and meaningful element in this project – which will bring another dimension apart of being just a partition in space.

We explored the different applications of glass – trying to find optical qualities which will create different scenarios of light, interesting shades, silhouettes and another dimension of depth. We found that the section of a glass provides a prism that breaks and reflects the light in different ways and that was exactly what we were looking for.

The execution however, was quite complicated – 12 Kilometers of glass stripes in different thickness, cut and polished, were joined together into vertical blocks and very accurately laid into floor and ceiling recessed tracks creating facades of sectional glass.

The sun entering through the windows, along with the LED light – penetrate through the glass creating paintings of broken beams and light reflections that are constantly changing, while all the objects and figures are reflecting through in a filtered prism.

To this physical natural spectacle we casted other natural materials to enhance the raw and yet refined feeling of the office. Rough looking concrete floor, iron cabinets and iron shelves keep the balance in the space and between the elements.

A linear wall cables lighting grid indicates of the circulation path and intersections in space and emphasizes the main axis.

Material Used:

1. light – Davide Groppi

2. Armchair – MDF Italia

3. Rug - Nanimaruina

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MDF ItaliaMDF ItaliaArmchair
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Milano, Italy - Build completed in 2015
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