A showcase for Euramax

A showcase for Euramax

Don Hoppenbrouwer
Roermond, Netherlands | View Map
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A showcase for Euramax

Don Hoppenbrouwer as Architects

A showcase for Euramax. The Aludesign panels of Euramax can apply as eye catcheror use for easily and quickly a facade renovation. The existing facade of the building of Euramax is ideal forboth applications. The idea is to make a showcase of the new façade and the possibilities to show which products of Euramax offer. The visitors get a positive impression of thecompany and the existing facade is massively upgraded.Also is a neon sign with name and logo added on the new facade.

Design concept. From analysis of the current situation shows that the existingwindow frame very dominant present in the facade. As aresult, it is difficult to be a total image around the facade.This is an image with as disturbing element frame. A solutionto this is to the frame to make it part of the new façadeimage. By a grid of glass, styles and side sills, printed onAludesign panels to post about the facade, one reaches thiseffect. The existing facade is on this particular way fast andeasy to renovate.

The atmosphere and look of the existing facade with environmentis dismal and gray. The choice of images at the newfaçade grid go automatically towards a wooded property ofshrubs and plants. Here is chosen for detail pictures with imagesof flowers. These photos are the eye catchers within thefacade and show the possibilities of the Alu-design panels.

The idea to a shop window of glass with images is completed by the glass to skirt the glass with a cadre of blacklacquered wooden parts which are on the facade. This createsa realistic depth and shadow effect. The existing plinthis painted middle gray to display the window into its own.

Motivation to send a sketchdesign for thecontest entry in its current form. I enclose a sketch design for a vision and the potential for anupgrade of the existing facade of the building of Euramax.There will no doubt be many entries for this contest. If youhave any interest in the idea, I can deliver the design, in consultation,on the detailnivo according to the requested data.The final choice of photos can also be determined, coupledwith the settlement of authors rights for the photographer.

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