Andrea Francesco Nesta
Foligno, Italy



THE AREA The competition area affects lots 22 and 23 in the western suburbs of Foligno along the right bank of the river Topino. The land is flat and is bordered on three sides by the existing built environment and on the west side from an aera bound by the plan in roads and parking lots. Lots 22 and 23 have land area of 2150 square meters. The buildings in the project comply with the maximum dimensions of the buildings limit defined by the notice, present n. 3 floors for residential use and a basement for garages. The two new buildings overlook a linear - garden courtyard designed as space and time relationship between the people.

GREEN: THE COURT - THE GARDEN The theme of green and open spaces is developed according to the requirements of the competition notice: · Total accessibility of routes and resting places for any user category - "Design for all" - no architectural barriers · Spaces that foster occasions of meeting and relationship among the owners (small area games); · The paving materials (calcestro) Cheap and color as not to cause reflection and glare.

The road system in the court-garden is exclusively pedestrian and cycle; access to the pits is via a single access ramp located on the northwest side of the lot 23 at the head of the building.

TOPICS OF GREEN ARCHITECTURE 1. architecture - The themes of environmental sustainability and renewable energies stimulate the search for a new architectural language for the context: the facades "porous" to the south with floor to ceiling windows and sliding sunshades; green roof; photovoltaic panels integrated into the shelter bicycle shelter in the garden; ventilated facades with panels of different colors and sizes that create a "mosaic" effect on the search for a new urban identity of project expansions.

2. The building process - Dry assembly: less costs and a shorter time; cleaner construction sites - no open dumps no rubble and waste disposal; easy-care plants without having to break walls, floorboards or floors; can re-use and recycling of materials

3. the settlement complex - System of green and pedestrian and cycle traffic - Vehicular traffic to a minimum - Access sun in all apartments - Wind Control :: protection from cold winds and exploitation of those summer

4. quality and humidity relative - Use green and ponds for passive evaporative cooling - "Wind tower" that exploits the stack effect for air exchange - VMC - controlled mechanical ventilation in the ceiling with fresh air intake vents and air exhaust air

5. Control the noise climate - Distance from roads and noise sources - Green as noise mitigation strategy

6. supply of energy - Photovoltaic panels for common parts lighting, apartments and courtyard garden

7. Water Resources Management - Rainwater collection and reuse

8. waste management - "Ecological islands" recycling waste

9. building structure - Sunshine control: proper building orientation and layout environments Passive systems - winter garden shielding use of balconies and mobile screens (brise-soleil) - Natural light, large windows to the south high, narrow windows to the north - Air changes: natural cross ventilation wind tower VMC good insulation and good thermal inertia - High quality materials and low environmental impact (certificates)

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