Abu Museum

Söehne and Partner Architects as Architects

On the coast of the metropolis Abu Dhabi a museum for private collectors was designed, which seems to be floating on the sea. and is connected to the shore via a landing stage like a huge ocean liner. A curtain wall composed of Arabic ornaments encloses the expressive solitaire while behind it a second layer forms the actual façade which can be back-lit in different colours, generating a differentiated appearance.

In the middle of the building an impressive hexagonal void opens up that creates the shape of a shutter as it extends and twists across the levels. Around this dramatic cut-out, which likewise provides for natural lighting, three levels of multi-functional exhibition space are arranged.

On the roof of the museum there is a restaurant where visitors enjoy a spectacular view of the metropolis' skyline.

In cooperation with Dennis Lems.

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Associative And Extra-Curricular Space
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Associative And Extra-Curricular Space

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