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Ussishkin Street 54, Ramat Hasharon, Israel | View Map
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Yoav Peled

ADDICT Clothing Store

ON STUDIO as Architects

When the customers approached us, we were in the middle of the first wave of the Coronavirus, in complete lockdown at home. The customers felt that this was good time to re-design the store while it was not working. The ADDICT brand appeals to women and girls, bringing with it a fragrance of Europe mixed with the joy and lightness that is especially characteristic of the owners. That was our starting point- that the space must be a background for clothes that change in every collection. The concept and thinking behind the space design emphasized the preservation of the brand values: modernity, freshness and dynamism and at the same time classic, elegant and young.


First, the space was divided into two parts- the pink area and the white area. In the first, we created a kind of pink cube that defines and delimits the dressing area, the more intimate area where you measure and take pictures. The second area is the white "sales area"- a place to wander through the store around a large island which delineates the pathway and define the space. This combination of boundaries- a conception running along a gradient of "fun" and "elegant" to "timeless" was what we wanted to bring to the design. The idea was to create a place that one cannot traverse without wanting to stop, one that transmits softness, elegance and a European flavor different from the local landscape.


Also, the materials were chosen to emphasize the design principles- heightening the contrast between "industrial" elements and a materiality that radiates both softness and elegance. We added industrial corrugated tin painted in a soft pink shade, epoxy floor combined with a delicate brass detachment that connects the parquet flooring, delicate and white 3.5-meter-long iron shelves. Combining an industrial materiality and delicate and thin connectors, with touches of brass and pastel shades, came to produce a novel material experience with a unique feel in space that is both clean and timeless.

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