Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque

Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque

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Ahmet Hamdi Mosque

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Designed in a neoclassical style, the mosque has a main dome of 33m diameter, four minarets of 66m height and the total closed area of 80.000m2. One of the most important symbols of the Anatolian Seljuk State (1075-1308), the Seljuk-star-pattern, is used in various places throughout the structure such as cross sections of minarets. The design approach in facade lighting was to create an icon for the city of Ankara.On the way to this goal, the design team wanted to enhance the perception of the architecture and to define the structure. While the main architectural elementswere highlighted, shadows were plannedto support it. To achieve the desired lighting effect, lighting fixtures in different wattages and various optics were used. However, in order to ensure positive result in practice, the design team created detailed 3D modelling of the mosque and got many photorealistic renderings from different view angles. Long distance light throws from minarets were aimed on the main dome to create a moonlight effect. Narrow beams on minarets were planned so as to accent the star-shapedcross sections ofminaretswith smooth degrading-light-effect along the body and to highlight balconies. Lighting the main facade,two opposing lighting strategies were used to break the routine; while the columns were accented from front, the big start-patterned daylight apertureswere accented from back by leaving the patterns in dark and emphasizing the horizontal structuresof the building. The V-shaped consecutive columns continuing on all facades were planned to lit with decreasing light effect while accentuating the bow-shaped structure. The approach to interior lighting was to create a simple, calm and peaceful environment.Daylight and artificial lighting were designed in combination. Contrary to what is usually encountered, no chandelier was used in the design. The prayer areas were lit evenly by double-focus downlights placed around the dome. Indirect lighting was used both in horizontal and vertical planes in order to enhance the architecture and create calmness. The dome was homogenously lighted with RBG fixtures in order to have flexibility choosing the color but the center-piece was accented with narrow-beam projectors from four vaults. The appliques on the walls were used to contribute to overall perception of the interior.

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