Air Liquide headquarters

Air Liquide headquarters

CDA Architecture
Cergy, France

Bandalux provides solutions for Air Liquide Welding’s new headquarters in Cergy Saint Christophe – France

Bandalux as Manufacturers

Air Liquide Welding’s new headquarters, constructed in 2015, is an HQE (standard for sustainable buildings in France) certified building that spans 4500 m². For this international company, this building is an opportunity to innovate as it combines ecology, economy and the well-being of its workers. This green building model has a capacity for 240 people and was designed by CDA architecture firm in Toulouse, France.

It is equipped with numerous devices aimed at reducing carbon footprint, such as smart lighting control and automatic opening and closing programs for the Aire® venetian shades by Bandalux which are installed in triple pane windows. The centralized system improves the building’s insulation and climate control system enabling workers to individually adjust the temperature and luminosity for each work station.

The façades are completely automated and equipped with Aire motorized venetian shades which can tolerate temperatures of up to 85ºC (185ºF). Each motor is linked to a CTM system (Central Technical Management) which uses its own information feedback mechanism to determine the exact position of the shades. Furthermore, connecting to a power source is quick and easy as each motor has an electrical input that is intelligently designed to receive a power supply and facilitate access to the system in case maintenance is needed.

Venetian shades integrated into a high-performance ventilated façade

The R&D department at Bandalux has developed Aire® venetian shades for ventilated façades. CDA architecture firm chose this unique system to ensure the perfect thermal performance of façades and to optimize light management, which in turn results in very efficient energy savings for this HQE certified building.

Installed in triple pane windows, the 400 Aire® venetian shades by Bandalux perfectly integrate into the façade and the interior contemporary design to promote work comfort and performance. The shades are composed of 100% aluminum slats, 25mm wide and 0.21mm thick. They are ultra-strong and include a box and a 0.5mm folded bottom rail made of steel with a 10-micron, double-sided enamel finish.

Ultra-resistant and durable

Aire® venetian shades by Bandalux are ultra-durable and resistant when installed between panes. They do not need maintenance and remain isolated from temperature changes. Moreover, their slats are very resistant and strong. The R+D department at Bandalux has especially designed internal parts with a view to perfect slat control in cycles as well as their durability over time.

Exclusive innovative system

Aire® venetian shades are equipped with 22/28 interlacing lift cords which enables 10% more slats to be installed thus guaranteeing improved closing and opening as well as greater stability of movement when lifting and lowering groups of slats (less than 40 mm thick).

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