Al-Fattah Mosque

Al-Fattah Mosque

Andy Rahman Architect
Porong, Indonesia

Al-Fattah Mosque

Andy Rahman Architect as Designers

Located at Siring Village, Jabon, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia ---which is the affected area of the Lapindo hot mudflow Sidoarjo--- this mosque is a symbol of hope and dreams of mudflow-affected communities to a better life after the big disaster in accordance with its name, Al - Fattah means 'the opening', the mosque will pave those expectations. Therefore the idea to use the sludge as the main materials in building this mosque appears. Mud made as something that could be used by the community. So the concept is most appropriate for this mosque is 'sustainable design with sustainable materials'.

Local materials derived from the residual heat sludge used as materials of brick and geo polymer (mixed concrete). According to research from Kyoto University in Japan, hot mud bricks have been proven safe to use as building materials and also as a mixture of geo-polymer materials (concrete mix) Natural disaster brings experience and change people's lives around. in the presence of social influences on the hot mud disaster, so our concept of the deifying of a whole building that had cracked and caused a gap / shards. Memories of the disaster and the greatness of Allah SWT were imaged in the interior design of the mosque of Al-Fattah. As if to give lessons for us that everything that happens on earth is not separated from the will of god. The design is a reflection of the wisdom of local materials combined with an attractive design that makes a new idea in religious buildings. Incoming light into the building creates a different sensation to the mosque / place of worship in general. With high ceiling for air circulation and better light and water reflection in the front row as a soft element and passively conditioned building. Blend of a modern work with local wisdom material makes a work of value.

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