Alderley house

Alderley house

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Alderley house

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Conceptual framework Alderley house is the architect’s second house for her family. An extension and major rework of an existing post-war dwelling, the house provided opportunity to rethink contemporary social views on housing families, in conjunction with the examination of strategies for downscaling the family dwelling.

Resolution The building work comprised two main components: the reworking of the existing dwelling to enhance privacy and climatic performance, and the addition of the living spaces to the rear overlooking parkland.

Strategies for housing teenage children were examined, exploring ideas about spaces which can be both inclusive and private, enhancing interaction between family members whilst also providing for privacy needs.

Sustainability The interior of the original dwelling was significantly reworked to achieve greater thermal performance. A central corridor was moved to the southern edge, allowing bedrooms to occupy the northern edge of the plan and facilitating greater cross ventilation of the private spaces of the house.

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