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Alphaville Brasília Clubhouse – Condomínio Alphaville/ Phase 1

Alphaville Brasília Clubhouse – Condomínio Alphaville/ Phase 1

BLOCO Arquitetos
Brasília, Brazil | View Map
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Alphaville Brasília Clubhouse – Condomínio Alphaville/ Phase 1

BLOCO Arquitetos as Architects

The structure houses a restaurant, administration office, outdoor sports facilities and services. The main goal of the project was to make the building look almost invisible and blend with the landscape for those in the surrounding houses inside the condominium. The building is approximately 1214 sqm on the ground floor level and is surrounded by native vegetation, cattle farms and hills.

The main entrance of the clubhouse, restaurant, swimming pools and other indoor areas are all located on the same level and are connected by ramps to the open air sports facilities, providing easy access to all its users. The building consists of a central space and two 'wings' with lower ceilings perpendicular to it. The central space is covered by a rectangular concrete structure that supports a green roof. The upper slab is aligned to the lower street of the condominium, integrating its green roof to landscape that's visible from the residences.

A suspended staircase leads to the green roof from the ground floor, providing an alternative access from the clubhouse to the inner part of the complex. The roof structure has two lower wings with exposed concrete finishings and are covered by local type gravel. The roof slabs in relation to the residence make the clubhouse less visible and are disguised as part of the landscape. Its visual presence is reinforced by the water tower that rises above the green roof. The main entrance of the clubhouse, the restaurant, kitchen and bar of the swimming pool are located under the roof of the central space. This area was created with the intention of leaving it as transparent as possible, visually integrating the parking space and the front facade of the building to the swimming pools, sports facilities and inner courtyards.

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