AlRayyan Hotel

AlRayyan Hotel

Doha, Qatar

Luxury accommodation in Doha

Linea Light Group as Manufacturers

The new Curio Collection hotel by Hilton High quality materials and luxury finishes need perfect lighting to be at their best. A lighting project studied with careful attention to detail makes the spaces of the AlRayyan Hotel shine in all their majestic beauty.

Functionality in a spectacular setting The lighting was specially designed to emphasize the wonderful finishes in the structure and in the furnishings of the AlRayyan Hotel, making them the central elements of this environment. In the rooms and suites, the indirect light created by the Dropper strip lights mounted in the ceiling niches and on the furniture profiles, creates a welcoming, cosy atmosphere. These are coupled with the Vos recessed luminaires which complete the general illumination of the rooms. The Silicone_C strip lights, featuring a silicone coating that ensures superior water and moisture protection (IP66), is instead fitted in the bathroom.

The hotel kitchens and common areas are illuminated by Anton and Vos recessed fixtures, evenly distributed for a general illumination that facilitates functional use of the spaces. The corridors are fitted with the Dropper strip lights mounted in the side niches in the ceilings.

Light is also an essential decorative element in AlRayyan Hotel: in the big hall there is a large and impressive decorative panel in black satin-finished glass, which comes to life thanks to LED bars specially created by the project lighting designer and realized with the expertise of the technical staff from Linea Light Group.

The bars are mounted as backlights behind the quadrants which make up the scenic glass panel. Special research has led to the development of a particularly efficient special finish for the diffusers: it is not overly matt so as not to obfuscate light, but not so polished as to create transparencies or unwanted reflections.

The bars produce different shades of white light colour temperature (Dynamic White technology) and are individually controlled thanks to the DMX protocol, creating appealing light effects. The wall comes to life with light seemingly dancing for the entertainment of the guests in the hall.

Also the hotel’s exteriors present some impressive decorative features: on the exterior wall of the top floor the Paseo bars with RGBW light create dynamic and engaging patterns and combine with the scenic lighting of the facade achieved by the Silicone_C strip lights mounted on the wooden profiles. Finally, the Suelo uplight fixtures envelope the columns of the ground floor with light.

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