Ambiguity House

Ambiguity House

Andy Rahman Architect
Taman, Indonesia
Private Houses

Ambiguity House

Andy Rahman Architect as Architects

Looks like consists of two floors but only had one floor, that’s ambiguity house. The front of this house consists of a floor; while to the rear area has 2 floors (there is an additional child's bedroom and balcony). The house is located in Taman Indah housing Sidoarjo Regency looks high and eye catching with a bold shapes. It looks as if the two floors that make this house look unique and ambiguous. Most people think this 2-story house is full, but it’s not. It looks like the second floor that makes this house look unique and ambiguous. Most people think of this 2-story house is full, it is not. the idea come from owner who is obsessed to have a living room with a monumental scale, he wants a living room that has a height equivalent to a house of 2 floors and no ceiling.

Living room’s roof material is glass, so that when the sky is clear the owner can see the stars in the sky at night and enjoy the clouds at morning and afternoon. Above the glass roof, was installed a metal cover that can be shifted remotely by the owner. The owner wanted to make a surprise and gives sensation to every guest who visited her home. We try to synergizing the client desires with the idea of us, so we think this house should appear as composed of two floors; It’s for the balance of the living room that reaches a height of 2 floors. The left and right were raised as high as 2-storey building, but it was just a cover only. Its main function is to make the exterior look more proportionate to the box in the middle. The result, it has good proportion.

While for the blue color accent is a special request from the owners who do like the blue color. Overall, these colors can blend with the existing composition, and even became the identity of this house. The house is facing south, so that the function is relatively safe from the hot sun. Home owners who are the young couple argued, the home is a reflection of the soul. And that's what they want to convey to everyone who saw and a visit to their home. The house with the spirit of young people who like to be something different and daring, without sacrificing functionality

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