Ambulances Healthcare Building 061

Ambulances Healthcare Building 061

Joaquín Galán Vallejo Architects
Málaga, Spain
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Ambulances Healthcare Building 061

Joaquín Galán Vallejo Architects as Architects

The main building, whose function is to serve as a basis for ambulances 061 and health personnel, has a large overhang, which has a dual function, firstly isolate ambulances from the civil hospital environment and on the other through that cantilevered cover the replacement and maintenance of facilities ambulances. This large overhang, surprisingfor its proportion, becomes similar to that of the building constructed, which makes it very unique and sometimes leads to the inevitable approach of curious people. Moreover, in the design criteria, the building is governed by an almost extreme minimalism that seeks both its location and treatment of texture, and the choice of colours both coatings, as in carpentry that mimic it with the facade of the civil hospital (historic building, built in 1862) and likewise try to reduce the impact of a modern building facing another old Hospital. The dialogue between the two buildingsis produced from a position of silence and respect, so that many people who access to old hospital in that area don´t notice the existence of the new building.

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