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American University in Cairo Master Plan and Implementation

American University in Cairo Master Plan and Implementation

IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton
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American University in Cairo Master Plan and Implementation

IBI Group ▪ Gruzen Samton as Architects

As the winners of an international designcompetition, the design team of whichCRJA-IBI Group was a part was selectedto design the new campus of the AmericanUniversity in Cairo on a 260-acre desertsite outside Cairo.

Working closely with multiple architectural firms who are designingindividual buildings, CRJA-IBI Group developed campus-wideconcepts for site access and arrival, perimeter security, wind barriers,pedestrian circulation, landscape design, and site irrigation.

As part of the Master Plan design, CRJAIBIGroup designed the running trackand athletic fields, as well as the majoroutdoor gathering space within the campuscore, called the Maidan Palm Court, forceremonial events. CRJA-IBI Group alsodeveloped designs for a series of smaller,sheltered courtyards within the academiccore based upon Middle Eastern designs.These courtyards, each distinct in character,feature small pools, fountains, palms,flowering shrubs, vines and groundcovers.

One focus of the Master Plan wassustainability. CRJA-IBI Group developeda campus-wide environmental strategy tomaximize natural ventilation and cooling.Compact building clusters would beoriented as much as possible East/West.The large garden on the north side of thecampus would be heavily planted to form acool, low reservoir. Summer winds from thenorth would move through the garden andbring cool, moist air into the buildings. Onthe Southwest side of the campus, a shelterbelt would be planted to block winterwinds and act as a filter for wind-blownsand. Building facades on this side wouldbe heavily planted with deciduous trees toprovide shade during Summer, howeverallowing sun to filter in during Winter.

CRJA-IBI Group led the site team indeveloping designs for landscapetreatments, roadways, parking,infrastructure, lighting, and other sitefeatures for the new campus. the firststudents began classes in the fall of 2008.

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