Ampliación Bodega Ribas (Ribas Winery Extension)

Ampliación Bodega Ribas (Ribas Winery Extension)

Canals Moneo Arquitectos

Rafael Moneo Arquitecto
Consell, Mallorca, Spain
Project Year
Luis Asin

Ampliación Bodega Ribas (Ribas Winery Extension)

Canals Moneo Arquitectos as Architects

Together with Rafael Moneo,  Clara Moneo and Valerio Canals (Canals Moneo arquitectos) has expanded the Bodega Ribas, a winery in Consell, Mallorca, which, as part of the old Ca’n Ribas listed stately home from the 18th century has been preserved intact to date, with its original historic barrel cellar and winemaking warehouse. The extension, which is integrated into the Ca’n Ribas complex, is aimed at reordering the plot and its free spaces, while, being supported by an existing building, it gives new life to spaces that were previously unused and allows all existing trees to be preserved.

With more than three centuries of history, the ribas winery is the oldest winery in the island, as it was founded in 1711 and has been producing wines from its surrounding vineyards ever since. Canals Moneo arquitectos and Rafael Moneo have integrated the extension into the Ca’n Ribas complex, in a location that faces the new west edge of the plot and no listed buildings, which allowed the architects to give it a distinct façade. The proposed construction’s façade takes the form of a transparent shed with a gabled roof, which does not differ much in size from the existing warehouse room. Part of the extension houses the wine-making, and another part acts as the warehouse where the bottles are stored.
The new entrance and reception for visitors are located at the north end of the extension, while, one floor below, a space bathed by natural light serves as the tasting room. Made entirely in reinforced concrete, the barrel room is completely buried, taking advantage of the best thermal and humidity conditions for the aging of the wine. While outside, the building maintains an appearance and character similar to the existing masonry buildings, its interior surprises visitors with an architecture made of white concrete, combined with wooden cladding and colorful handmade tiles and stone, which give a contemporary character to the various spaces.


Material Used :
1. Tejas de Teleura Mascaró Sl, Mallorca
2. Baldosas artesanales Rustic 15x15 Rosa 691 fabricadas por Cerámicas Ferrés, Girona, Azulejos Massanella 1965 
3. Azulejos artesanales hechos a mano de New Terracotta (Portugal)
4. Traditional masonry walls
5. White reinforced concrete

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Rustic 15x15 Rosa 691 handmade tilesCerámicas Ferrés
Handmade tiles NEW TERRACOTTA
Product Spec Sheet
Rustic 15x15 Rosa 691 handmade tiles
Handmade tiles
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