ANANDALAYA : Headquarter for Dileep Industries

ANANDALAYA : Headquarter for Dileep Industries

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Anandalaya: headquarters for Dileep Industries

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Client brief

Client for this project is Dileep industries a renowned industry in the field of handicraft. Mr. Dileep Baid wanted a place which can showcase the roots of the company ideology and beliefs, and form a pleasant working stay for the employee and visitors. He wants natural light to penetrate every section of the office block. He aims for a building block to look like a resort. His desire to build a place of joy as the name comes Aanandalaya which he dedicated to his father Mr. Anand Baid.



Aanandayla is a co-operate head-quarter for Dileep industries at Jaipur, Rajasthan

The concept was to build an environment which indicates or showcase of the company ideology and beliefs tightly sheltered by the material honesty. The Concept aims to erect the welcoming warmth for the employees and visitors as the site is far from the city. Sustainable features and building techniques to make it possible and feasible to produce an environment-friendly atmosphere at work which makes it class-apart.    

 Architecture and interior planning aim to create a sense to surprise while functional in all nature. "The place for joy working "  Aanandalaya


Aanandalya is an office that is highly distinctive and very welcoming as protecting his integrity from the industrial neighborhood. Indeed, the architect point out the choice of materials( expose bricks, shelf grew mango wood, gypsum, recycles steel, poted sandwich slabs, cavity walls, roof planters, courtyards instead of stainless steel, all in one slab construction or any other expensive custom made material or finish). This brought the building cost in at roughly 30-40 percent less than the office of comparable size. Introduction of the courtyard within the premises was for the cabins and workstation area to give natural ventilation and the natural light whole day long keeping away the hash south Sun. Aanandalaya is an office building that illustrates how sustainability is less about the choice of individual material or even strategies and more about an ecological approach. The choice of simple materials has meant an office block that is restrained in what it consumes. It is restrained in its need for artificial lighting and cooling. It is highly sustainable at the personal and social level.



As the whole Aanandalya is the combination of different construction material used in an exposed manner. Foundation is led by the locally available hard stone - Jhalana stone. The whole structure is on load-bearing walls for which the brick was differently designed for the project. The Bricks have 3 small holes for steel and RCC reinforcement which enables us to get different kinds of the brick bond (Flemish bond, English bond, stack bond, running bond or Dutch bond) where needed.

Lintel beams over the doors and windows are fixed by using steel bars covering through the three-hole bricks for its cover. The sandwich slab is given for roof and is filled by empty earthen pots for cooling inside as it is a one-story building. Courtyards work as an exhaust to hot air and welcome light inside.    


Aanandalya as the name suggests a place to joy, keeping it simple, rooted and functional was the parameter of the aesthetics. We wanted the building to speak for its beauty with simplicity, elegance, and sophistication as a language. Sustainable architecture planning introduces some green and hardscape courtyards which act as a green frame to complement interiors inside. Exposed brick walls are intentionally broken by gypsum concrete patch for showcasing the art and artifacts. We tried to incorporate different finishes which blend with the strong rough built of the building. Designing of the expose services is done carefully by creating or hiding covers to maintain a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The artwork, artifacts, furniture, and fabric were designed and then sourced from the in-house factory of the client which mingles to give a theatrical effect to the building. The attempt was made to erect a maze with an element of surprise (art-work) leading to different opportunities (work zone).

We finally conclude this project as a place which welcomes employees or visitors with warmth and a sense of curiosity.

Sustainable features and building techniques made it possible and feasible to produce an environment-friendly atmosphere at work which makes it class-apart.    

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