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Ankara Park City

Ankara Park City

Design International
Ankara, Turkey
Shopping Centres
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Ankara Park City

Design International as Architects

The existing mall is located in Ankara (historically known by the names Ancyra and Angora), the capital of Turkey and the country's second largest city. The mall, which is to be demolished and re-designed by Design International and ERA, offers a Carrefour hypermarket and three levels of retail, as well as two levels of leisure. Ankara Park City will become a destination where guests will want to not only shop, but relax and enjoy the entertainment.

The striking design of Ankara Park City draws on the city’s youthful beat with a trendy and futuristic design, whilst maximising on the impressive views of the area. Inspiration was drawn from keywords such as ‘transparency’, ‘layering’ and ‘white’, with the mall taking on a fresh and minimal feel. Architecture practice, Design International, created a strong architectural statement, yet an entrance into a calm and tranquil atmosphere for guests to leave feeling invigorated.

To make use of the impressive and breath-taking views of the mountains from the north of the mall, the design offers a leisure element where guests can enjoy the panoramic scenery from a balcony, as well as a roof top terrace. The whole design, from the outside and the inside, promotes a positive energy, and an atmosphere where guests will feel refreshed and relaxed.

The open design is filled with a vast natural light thus promoting the energy efficiency of building. Sustainability was at the heart of the design for Ankara Park City, with the use of light being a principal concern. Lighting is the primary contributor to energy costs and the sustainable design for Ankara enables it to be reduced easily by a thoughtful illumination plan that minimizes both the number of fixtures and the amount of light provided by each fixture. To add to this, the lighting installation will feature new technology materials such as sophisticated state-of-the-art control equipment, energy-saving LED fittings and daylight sensors which will ensure that the amount of energy used is optimised in relation to the levels of natural light.

Ankara Park City will be at the forefront of style, technology and sustainable innovation. The main entrance from the outside features an innovative showcase of super-graphics and transparent glass which will light up at night. All materials used will originate from sources within 150 kilometres of the site, extracted and manufactured within the region, reducing the negative effects associated with the transportation of goods.

Guests to Ankara Park City will be treated to an innovative and enhanced shopping experience, with best practices in the integration of public space with an abundance of retail and leisure offerings. There will be an ample offering of food and entertainment, generous parking facilities of 3 underground levels, above all, a state-of-the-art service.

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