Ansche Chesed: Renovation

Ansche Chesed: Renovation

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New York, NY
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Ansche Chesed Synagogue

Studio ST Architects as Architects

"Accessibility was made an important part of the redesign. All the design changes ensure more equitable access and emphasize inclusivity." Esther Sperber, Studio ST Architects' founder.


The the almost century-old synagogue is currently undergoing a renovation that will offer an enhanced experience for all, including people with functional disability and compromised mobility.

By relocating the synagogue’s offices, our design tripled the size of the lobby area. This expansion along with the installation of a LULA elevator, which replaces a chair lift, and the two ADA non-gendered bathrooms introduce a significant increase in accessibility and an improved connectivity, creating a more welcoming experience.

In the basement, the redesigned gym and multipurpose room connect through a series of doors and can be reconfigured as one large space where prayer services are held on High Holidays and in the summer. To match the new needs in the space, special attention was paid to improving the sound quality through acoustic treatment.

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