Antica Maddalena restaurant

Antica Maddalena restaurant

Oxsimoro Architetti
Udine, Italy
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Antica Maddalena restaurant

Oxsimoro Architetti as Architects

All the structural system of the entire building was redone with decking, load-bearing walls and sewn, obviously new plants and new finishes. The submitted assignment was me that to invent a place "rustic, refined, warm." When it speaks of rustic they come to mind lamps done with wheels of wagon mangers turned into counters, wood profusions, stone and raw plasters. To play with the things, to think and reinterpretare, to be so inside and so out of the things not to be bound by the history and by the tradition, to invent without forcing, to be discreet with the place, to respect the subject before, to often change mind always holding holds spins her some final result.

The conversion of Maddalena "Dirty" to Maddalena "Happy" can happen only in this way, finding an impresario enlightened capable of plastering a wall without set straight, a carpenter who forget star screws and nails and hammer lathes, an architect who forget about what it has done now and have the desire to start over from scratch. The rustic yet refined, cultured, ironic, field of study and future breakouts, then can go out and make themselves manifest.

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