Apartament EJR

Apartament EJR

Schuchovski Arquitetura
Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil | View Map
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Eduardo Macarios

Apartament EJR

Schuchovski Arquitetura as Architects

The apartament EJR brings the essence of the couple: minimalism and Brazilian design. Located in Curitiba, with a privileged view of the Japan Square, this 180m2 apartment was chosen by the couple to be their retreat home at the city where they were born after living in São Paulo. With an integrated concept, the kitchen ́s walls were removed, making the a free plan with well defined flow paths. In order to create contrast between the fair spaces, we searched for a composition of colors and materials to bring life to the apartament.


How is the project unique?

The use of the brazilian design itens make the Project very unic. These pieces highlight the refined taste for design of this minimalist couple. It brings pieces as the Mole armchair by Sergio Rodrigues, the Stand By hatstand signed by Claudia Moreira Salles, among many others diverse design pieces by Sollos and Jader Almeida.


What was the brief?

The briefing was clear and objective: the project should bring their minimal essence, adding comfort, art and design.


What were the key challenges?

The main challenge of this project was to redistribute the existing areas, which were segregated and stranded, and transform them into an integrated and fluid unic space.


What were the solutions?

With an integrated concept, the kitchen ́s walls were removed, making the plan more free with well defined flow path.


The integration between the areas of the house like the reading area, dinning, gourmet space and the living, was enlarged with the addition of the kitchen area, that was before isolated by a wall.


The floor in porcelain tiles with appearance of concrete, along with the white walls, brings attention to the ceiling, coated in Freijó wood, which is the spotlight of the composition. The ceiling is responsible for guaranteeing warmth to the environment.


The wood ceiling goes along with the longitudinal shape of the plan all the way to the gourmet area, embracing all the spaces.


In order to create contrast between the light colored spaces we brought the kitchen as a dark block by its side. Inside the kitchen we made the best out of the ergonomics and we searched for color and material compositions that were a bit more unusual. The use of the Forest green in the balcony and the metallic copper lacquer in the tableware turned out as highlights of the space.

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