Apartamento Amália

Apartamento Amália

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Amália's Apartament

SAINZ arquitetura as Interior Architects

This apartment -in Brasilia- combines the concepts of Gallery, Bar, Gourmet, and still with family.

In 89 m2, it maintains the conventional program of complete apartment and destining great part to a Living Room, where are counted all the social activities of the family.

Concrete has an important role in the construction of space, considered as natural and raw material by the Architects. The lighting system is made by rails, in the same layout of an Art Gallery, exhibiting works by the award-winning Marcelo Solá, Luis Mauro, Sanage, Christus Nobrega, Pedro Ivo, among others.

The surprise element of the project is the mixture itself, the informality, in coherence with the current concepts of luxury in the daily life.

The furniture has been part of the collection of the residents since before the new address, including a table designed and executed by them (Eduardo Sáinz and Lilian Glayna), among the objects of great estimation there is a steel vault dated 1925, manufactured by Fundição Progresso, which now functions as a Foundation in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. Also the small collection of imas of the cities / countries visited, among other objects.

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furnitureJader Almeida
BancadasSilestone / Consentino
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