Apartment in Ilion

Apartment in Ilion

INSiDE Architects
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Michail Damaskos

Full Apartment Refurbishment

INSiDE Architects as Architects

This particular apartment was requested to be renovated by its owners in order to acquire a new character, influenced by the brightness, functionality and combination of vintage elements with austerity in a freer adaptation to the urban environment it belongs to.

The interventions in space were made with the basic principle of unifying the spaces and simplifying the movement in them. The presence of vintage elements from previous generations intertwines with the simplicity of the geometries and the presence of modern structures and materials. Strategically selected are references to natural aged wood, combined with the soft textures and mild colors that frame the "whole" residential scene.

The main modifications made to the interior of the house were the creation of an interior bathroom in the master bedroom, which automatically transformed these two conventional and distressed spaces into a single, clearly more comfortable, spacious and airy unit. In addition, the creation of a second additional bath in the central hall was necessary. Also, the kitchen area was moved, simplified and integrated with the living room - dining room, significantly improving the functionality and aesthetics of these three main areas. To this "open" layout was added the element of a new fireplace, which was incorporated in a simple geometric style framing the vintage elements. Finally, in the area where the kitchen was located in the past, a new children's bedroom was created with custom wooden structures.

In conclusion, the combination of the above creates an interesting modern and traditional interplay of fish elements, embedded in the modern city but without a dry transfer of the previous generation into today's urban environment.

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