Apartment Renovation For A Musician In Madrid

Apartment Renovation For A Musician In Madrid

La Latina, Madrid, Spain | View Map
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Joaquin Mosquera

Apartment Renovation For A Musician In Madrid

idearch as Architects

With this project for a musician at the center of Madrid, we are presenting the fourth part of our Multiplying Architectures. In this case, we work on a too dark and close preexistent estate, habitual of ground level housings at historical center. The only natural light entered through two windows that were supposed to give light and ventilation to most part of the house. The main goal was then liberating the previous spatial structure and eliminating all non-structural walls. From that point, diaphaneity is the tool that we used to introduce light so that we could multiply interior uses in the public area of the housing.


The most important spaces then fulfill the most important traditional public functions of a house (living, dinning, kitchen), only depending on the furniture. But it also enjoys the multiplication of possible and versatile functions. By contrast, the more private spaces (bedroom, bath and closets) are more divided and segregated at the other part of the flat, darker and smaller. After a detailed and technical study of the wooden existent structure, the decision was renovating it and bringing to life the most visual constructive elements that could give a representative and new identity to the project, that are the wooden structure and brick walls. The rest, pure white.


Material Used :
1. Weber - Weber floor decor
2. Schneider - Schneider Asfora

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Product Spec Sheet

Weber floor decorSaint Gobain Weber
Schneider AsforaSchneider Electric SE
Product Spec Sheet
Weber floor decor
Schneider Asfora
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