Apoio Praia Mínimo Areão

Apoio Praia Mínimo Areão

Praia do Areão, Vagos, Aveiro, Portugal
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Apoio Praia Mínimo Areão


The City Council of Vagos challenged us to design a beach support instalation, for the Areão beach. After visiting the beach, we were in love with it, due to its natural beauty and framing. We decided to propose an object that remains perpendicular to the sea / beach, allowing maximum transparency between the dunes and the sea / beach area. We sought the balance between the edified and the natural landscape, remaining almost untouched.


The goal is for its presence to be assumed, but as quiet as possible. On the other hand, it was necessary to guarantee its functionality for its employees and users. All the execution was made in Timber Light Frame with the inner coating in OSB and exterior in VIROC. On the exterior, there is a support balcony and a storage area with the same coating in VIROC, but with a different characterization, it being totally opaque, defined by its private nature. The quality of execution of this Minimum Beach Support was guaranteed by Aveiria.


Material Used :

1. Pine Wood (Timber Light Frame) (Structure)

2. OSB (Interior) (oriented strand board, ou aglomerado de partículas de madeira longas e orientadas)

3. Viroc (Exterior Facade)

4. Aluminum (Windows)

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VirocExterior Facade
Gotha Cosmetics new headquarter
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Gotha Cosmetics new headquarter

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