Apto Torres 100

Apto Torres 100

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Apto Torres 100


Needs owner / client What kind of person is, those who live there? Two adults with a little girl. What were their needs and tastes? They bought a new apartment but the finishes and decoration they had in their old apartment and did not like, wanted a contemporary style and give a new look to their lives.

The apartment is located in Bogota, on a 20th floor. With an area of 140 m2 The appartement was with a closed kitchen and social area spaces divided by walls that served as linens furniture In plants observed the walls of the kitchen and social area were removed, as well as in the bedroom pppal is broad and change the dressing room. Architectural concept of the project. When you first enter the apartment had what he wanted, repotencializar sight, is a 20avo floor, you see much of the city and there are no buildings near the visual limiting, to achieve this it was necessary to remove some walls for I design objective served, just as the kitchen opened, of Pekos kitchens, to the social area and became an important element with a bar design that integrates social area When you went to the apartment was visible from the front door alcoves row, which I looked uncomfortable and lacking in privacy, for this element was installed in wood and glass door white with a completely independent access private area social equilibrium and given an element using the same materials as close a library furniture and linens. We chose light colors on walls and floors in order to avoid overloading the design and leave the stage to the furniture, the floor was installed in microcemento order to give it a contemporary, the furniture and dining room, designed by our firm , are in black leather with steel brackets and double stitched embroidered with red thread, what makes them special, the fireplace leather lining red shades in random format in order to mimic the doors open to let see a tv that is installed directly above the fireplace, this is playing with stainless steel furniture and kitchen. For lighting were chosen steel bullets and a red lamp above the dining room.

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