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federico babina as Artists

Loving cinema and architecture is easy to find similarities and parallels between the two disciplines. They are two worlds that sometimes observe each other from a distance and other meet and merge.

The directors are like the architects of cinema. They are those that build stories that like buildings envelop the viewer and carry it in a different world. Each with their own style, language and aesthetics, think, plan design and build places and stories that host us for the duration of the movie. In these 27 illustrations I wanted to try to build 27 small stories imagining and shaping in architecture the aesthetics of 27 masters of cinema. 27 houses imagined and imaginary that like film’s frames are trying to relate and photograph a fragment of the imagination of some of the great "architects" of cinema. An abstract exercise of translating a language into another. Transposition and transformation of some characteristic elements of movie’s language in forms and architectural geometries. In cinema every single detail of a film helps to build a unique and characteristic language of the artistic personality of a director.The same thing happens in architecture where even the smallest detail helps to shape the imprint of an architect. The costumes light color objects time can be turned into materials windows geometric structures and compositions to build a house made of "celluloid". The illustrations photographing and talking about directors with very different styles and aesthetics where the common denominator is a strong and defined personality. Walk the streets of a city made of illustrated architecture to make a short journey through the history of cinema. The architecture is like a scene from a movie where the story is the life, the script is dictated by the use of the building and where the actors are the residents. A labyrinth where all - characters, director, audience –are lost and found in the intensity of their emotions.

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Crystal Palace Park Cafe
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Crystal Palace Park Cafe

Crystal Palace Park Road, London SE26 6EG, UK - Build completed in 2019
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