Architecture of synthesis

Architecture of synthesis

Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos
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Alfonso Cruz, Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

Architecture of synthesis monographic exhibition

Cruz y Ortiz arquitectos as Architects

To state that architecture is linked to many other disciplines is as obvious as it is true. Other visual arts, building techniques, urban or environmental problems, social conflicts and economic circumstances converge in architecture, which is why the architect must constantly weigh up the impact that each one of these variables will have on his end product. This influential nature, which is the main feature of architecture, is in turn at the root of many of its problems. In fact, often one of the aforementioned aspects becomes excessively larger than the rest, and it is not strange to find architectures that favour one of the points of the spectrum. The history of the site, technical or structural aspects, and the assimilation of the urban or the landscape, to name but a few, have almost monopolised a large part of architectural production in different periods during our career as architects. Nevertheless, we believe that architecture only reaches its zenith when its synthetic character prevails: success is just guaranteed by an agreement between form, construction and use, in other words, a question of ultimately reaching a different and independent reality through the accurate synthesis of all the other disciplines.

As architects, we have always had a respect for the capacity for integration and synthesis of architecture, and so our main goal has been to reach this unitary value. The majority of our projects involve searching for the moment when confusion and ambiguity fade into the background and the elegance of solutions seems to be their inevitability. We hope that this aim is evident in the documents displayed in this exhibition, and we would very much like for visitors to share this feeling.

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