Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

Teeple Architects

Simpson Roberts Architecture
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
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Scott Norsworthy

Art Gallery of Grande Prairie

Teeple Architects as Architects

The Art Gallery of Grande Prairie (AGGP) is a new three-storey gallery fit within the two-storey masonry shell of the former Grande Prairie High School – a building within a building. The project expands the existing art gallery built within Montrose Cultural Centre, designed and completed by the architects in 2009. With the new expansion, the AGGP becomes the second largest art gallery in the province and is the key cultural focal point within the city’s civic precinct.


The gallery is conceived of as a sequence of architectural experiences, creating a rich variety of curatorial opportunities and new and dramatic ways of exhibiting and viewing art. Seven galleries, varying from intimate to expansive, follow each other in a sequence through which visitors are naturally drawn. Visual interconnectivity of spaces creates a richness of experience, allows glimpses of future moments in the sequence, and allows objects in the collection to be perceived from multiple points of view.

The new gallery connects to the existing with a glass bridge suspended within a double-height gallery, spanning what was previously the gap between the old school building and the Montrose Cultural Centre. The new three-storey structure is held twelve feet back from the existing masonry walls, creating a tall, naturally lit gallery in the interstitial space between the new and existing structures.

Diffuse natural light is brought into the galleries through angled light monitors that reflect clerestory light into the galleries while concealing the source of the light.

The gallery achieves a new level of openness by bringing the traditional back-of-house functions of education, research, archival storage, and even the workshop into the visitor experience to maximize educational opportunities. The role of the architecture is to enhance the experience of the art and to create opportunities for the artists and curators.

Material Used :

1. Spray foam insulation - BASF Walltite Eco

2. Zinc wall and roof cladding - VM Zinc

Product Spec Sheet

Spray foam insulation - Walltite EcoBASF CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS
Zinc wall and roof claddingVMZINC
Product Spec Sheet
Spray foam insulation - Walltite Eco
Zinc wall and roof cladding
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