Art School and Cafe, Keszthely, Hungary

Art School and Cafe, Keszthely, Hungary

Keszthely, Hungary
Project Year

Art School and Cafe

DS-Design as Architects

My final exam plan in 2014.

• Architects: Tamás Androsics • Project: Art School and Cafe • Location: Hungary, Keszthely Fő street 5 • Photography: Tamás Androsics • Project team: Tamás Androsics, Dr. Erzsébet Zoltán, Eszter Temesi, Balázs Füredi • Levels: 4 • Total floor area: 1139,74m2 • Year: 2014

About me: My name is Androsics Tamás, graduated as architectural engineer. Right now, I continue my study at Pollack Mihaly Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology to get an Architect (Master) degree. The following building made as my final project of my Basic study.

Conception: I placed the building an area, that used to be a parking, end of the Piac street. It was a though task to create the perfect shape of the house cause of the landscape. The main part of the shape is the place middle of the building. Thinking in ecological way, I made greenroof and a 2 level green wall in the exhibition hall. Forefront is minimal, cover by white plaster.

Functions: -1st level: Garage, engineering, holding rooms, heating room ground floor: Host space of the School, cafe 1st floor: exhibition hall, class rooms 2nd floor: rooms only teachers, principal office, auditorium

Basic facts: You can find the building at 5 of Fő street, in Keszthely city. The site is totally plain , locating borderline , in the west side Keszthely theater, in the north and south couple of monument. The site is 723,8 square meter what includes the 4 level building. The building is 12,58 meter tall. Included are is 329,2 square meter. Most part of the building is art school and the garage under the ground, also a cafe. Limit of the school is 100 people.

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