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Arteixo Sport Center

Arteixo Sport Center

José Ramón Garitaonaindía de Vera
Arteixo, Spain
Project Year
Sports Centres
Héctor Santos-Díez

Arteixo Sport Center

José Ramón Garitaonaindía de Vera as Architects

In a parcel with a regular and flat shape, with a river within its boundaries, stands the Arteixo Sport Center. To the North it faces the municipal pool, to the South is bounded with another parcel owned by the same Partial Plan. In West direction lies to the road known as “Travesia dos colexios” and this which provides access to the Sports cCenter. Finally the river sets the limits to the East. At first sight, Arteixo appears as the clearly defined things do, denying some common places about oneself. Quick architectures which, despite all, stand the test of time. The assigment of a unique building in a consolidated urban area, the configuration of the site, limits on the scope and the characteristics of a project, which use conforms their own position in the plan, leads us to a regular configuration without strindency to facilitate its operation. The Sports Centers have an urban dimension relatively aggressive due to its scale. We propose a support area that wraps the main track to achieve the appropriate scale transition within the ambit. Futhermore, these facilities are usually dark places, so we opt for a box beams structure in the longitudinal direction to the track, so that receives North light, optimal for the game, and South light nuanced through translucent polycarbonate in that box beams. In another vein, following the path started long ago, Arteixo Sport Center arises as a rainbow, using this metaphor to explain the final result: the rainbow that amazes us, that comes and dazzles us with his presence and that leaves no one indifferent. Therefore the material used for the facade is the U-glass overhead on wooden panels painted in colours. (Architecture is always designed for the users, which is the only possible way to reach its completion, its public use… )Architectures is always designed for the user, which is the only possible way to reach its completion, its public use more domestic and why not, the always intrinsic illusions to the path laid out time ago, make the work ringworm of all colors. This is the most personal Project because it wants to present an illusion: it's like a dream and my journey. The building stands on a concrete base that enhances the already lightweight facades; the color closing through the U-glass that surrounds it allows it to be visible during the day in a diffused way and nights throught some projectors indicating to the public when there are important events in the sports center, establishing beyond their own use directly relationship to the urban environment in which it sits. We propose a courtyard in the longitudinal direction with the intention that the vegetation can enter in the building. Take special relevance the terraces that can be accessed from the outside. These increases the capacity of sports center because from them you can also see the play área while are a outside balcony from where one sees Arteixo. The structure of the service área is concrete, the floors of prefabricated slabs and fencing, also a concrete wall with plasterboard cladding and insulation. The structure was solved by parallel trusses on steel columns HEB-300. The metal structure reveals further the intrinsic carácter of the work in this case subject to a universo where color has filled all space. As for the covers will be of three types. Practicable prefabrication concrete panels of 8 cm thick and not praticable, finished in stainless Steel dual finish autopotrected impermeable sheet. For pavements, including bleachers, used industrial recycled oak parquet of 2.4 cm thick. This choice of runway pavement and the grandstand provides a continuity not only of the material also visual for the viewer, and establishing a closer relationship with the game. Light floods for color loose in the environment and strain from the outside. There have been many that over time have found in the rainbow a source of inspiration for their work. Remember to Raymond Queneau in Exercices of Style, 1947 or Terencio Formenti in his Poems book carried by the wind. In memoriam Concha.

I HAVE NOT FOUND A BLANK SHEET I have not found a blank sheet but I found an edge at night in this darkness I sculpted with sounds I have drawn my colors I have played with light I invented my joy.

In memoriam Concha.

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