Artisan Market of Tlaxco

Artisan Market of Tlaxco

Tlaxco, Tlaxcala, Mexico - Build completed in 2017
Enrique Márquez Abella

Artisan Market of Tlaxco

Vrtical as Architects

During year 2015th Vrtical developed a participative master plan for the municipality of Tlaxco, whose main objective is to recover the region’s economy by improving tourism, the Artisan Market is the first build project brought out of the plan. Taking advantage of the Cinergy of the declaration of Tlaxco as a tourist relevant town, a decentralized management proposal is the main concept for the new market, were even though the building is in the main town, each of the stands belongs and represents dierent regions of the municipality. The project recovers the walls and foundations of a previous market while adding new finishing’s. The roof uses vernacular tradition of building with wood and at the same time it provides the market with natural light by bouncing sun light into the diagonal white surfaces. On the other hand, a double façade was built trough out the main façade creating a public corridor trying to blur the limits between the public and private space.

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