ARTZ Pedregal

ARTZ Pedregal

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos
Mexico City, Mexico
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ARTZ Pedregal

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos as Architects

In response to the current demand for quality spaces in a context of continual urban growth, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos designed the Artz Pedregal, a mixed-use complex that promises to be a new icon in the heart of southern Mexico City. This project is located within a fully urbanized landscape on a 50,000 m2 site that is adjacent to major roads.

Following detailed analysis and in the awareness that there is a shortage of quality public space in the city, the central concept of Artz Pedregal is the creation of a large horseshoe-shaped public park as the principal space, with abundant vegetation, green walkways, plazas and pools that create a sensation of separation from the city and peacefulness in the open air.

Understanding this large park as a response to what the city lacks, the complex seeks to generate open urban areas promoting casual social interaction, typical of a street in a traditional city. It further aims to foster direct contact with nature, allowing the sun, wind and rain to fall on the central park area unimpeded. To one side of the park, three office towers are connected to each other through a two-story volume called “Office Park”.

On the other side, a fourth tower for corporate use stands. Forming a plinth for the corporate towers, and integrated into the park, the shopping mall extends over the first four levels with an extensive range of restaurants, cinemas, services, and stores. An internal vehicle route is designed for the heart of the project, as a guiding element that will optimize flows for the different entrance points and uses.

“ARTZ is more than just a project, it is a space that improves the city and as such the quality of life of its users.” - Javier Sordo Madaleno Bringas

As the development is constructed over the volcanic rock that is typical of the zone, the shapes employed in the project express tectonic geometries that reference the geological characteristics of the terrain. The volumes allude to the overlaid strata, ordered aesthetically to organize the different levels and uses of the architectural program. The perimeter of the site is surrounded by large trees that have been respected by setting back the complex within the plot, thereby generating a green cushion that provides acoustic dampening.

In order to improve its surrounding environment, the ARTZ Pedregal complex donates to Mexico City an underpass tunnel for the Periférico beltway that will significantly improve traffic flow, creating turning places as well as increasing access options from both first and second levels of the avenue. Also, in order to avoid increased traffic on neighboring streets, a perimeter road will be built to service the different components of the project and to gain access to the shared six-story underground parking lot. Finally some roads will be widened to facilitate the mobility of its surroundings.

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