Attraverso lo sguardo di Gian Butturini
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Attraverso lo sguardo di Gian Butturini

Paolo Mestriner - studioazero as Architects

“ Exhibition Attraverso lo sguardo di Gian Butturini”

The exhibition retraces the main events of the artistic career of one of the most important figures in the Brescia art scene of the second half of the XX century, from the sixties until today.

A section is dedicated to commemorate the Piazza della Loggia massacre 40th anniversary, by the reproductions of the leading newspapers of those tragic days.

The exhibition space is divided into four sections: London, Basaglia, the Pain , the House, in which the viewer will experience the main steps of his life career and the "journey" spirit as a basic element of the author's artistic poetry.

The "rooms", symbolically represented by wood boxes, are set up with pictures, documents, books and reminiscent objects of the Gian Butturini's life and work.

The whole exhibition was conceived at “zero distance”, using recycling materials.

After their use, those materials have been relocated in the same point in the life cycle of the product from which they were taken, avoiding the waste production.

This operation has been made possible thanks to the companies that have supported and encouraged the initiative.

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