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New Proposals for Shared Environment

Arper SPA as Manufacturer

As we prepare to re-enter our work and usual spaces, we have created new proposals for our shared environments. We know that some changes are necessary. We need a little more space around us. We are experiencing the need to be adaptable in how and where we work—rethinking our kitchens and home offices as we rethink how we come together in waiting areas, break out spaces, meeting rooms, co-working areas, and public spaces.

Paravan Mood, © Marco Covi


Reimagined Spaces with Adaptability

Arper has always put flexibility at the forefront of our designs and promoted a sense of balance between work and personal life. In the following proposals, we have reimagined spaces to showcase the adaptability of our products to suit the current needs. We have taken some of our favorite designs and demonstrated how they can be personalized, shifted, and modified to adapt this period needs—and reconfigured back as needed. 

Kinesit, Nuur, © Bieffe

Distanced, not distant

These times call for adaptability, openness and innovative approaches. We are proud to offer products that are extremely well suited to the unique moment we are experiencing—and every other moment to come. We know that how we find connection is more important than where. Arper is here to help imagine our new shared spaces. Separate, not separated. Distanced, not distant. As always, together. 
Discover here our proposals for the future.


Waiting Area

Waiting areas are in-between spaces, thresholds to entry for guests visiting institutions. They offer visitors stolen moments in a busy day—a chance to escape into a book, or newspaper or read an article while waiting for meetings or appointments. A place of public congress, we now must reconsider ways of coming together while maintaining distance.

Waiting Area — Before.jpg
Waiting area - Before

The busy waiting areas we have known need to look a little different. We need to consider how we can keep distance between each other, while still offering a space of comfort and repose. Our Kiik sofa can be modified to include Paravan modules in-between seats creating a soft, welcoming, and safe environment that doubles as functional tables for reading materials.

Waiting area_After_Airport Lobby_01.jpg
Waiting area - Now


In recent years, the use of lobbies has expanded. More than waiting areas, we now use lobbies in hotels or corporate offices as places to meet, to work, to collaborate, and to think. As we adapt to new ways of being in shared environments, our proximity to one another needs to change, but how we interact in these spaces remains the same.

Lobby Area — Before

The future of the lobby needs to accommodate the demand for safe distance, while not sacrificing the dynamic functionality we’ve come to expect. By interspacing seating with table space—as with Kiik featured here—we can continue to use lobby spaces in the same way, but with increased precaution.

Lobby Area — Now

Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are designed for more intimate interactions and private conversations. Here, decisions are made, plans are hatched, and ideas are thought through. These smaller quarters need to ensure close group collaboration while providing a safe atmosphere.

Before_Meeting Room.jpg
Meeting Room — Before

Cila Go guarantees both privacy of the group and personal space of the individual. Each Cila Go chair can contain its own work station (p38) which can be individually cleaned and can be arranged according to the number of participants. Paravan can be used as a visual space divider to demarcate a private area and an acoustic barrier shelter the group from the rest of the office.

After_Meeting Room.jpg
Meeting Room — Now 


Planesit, © Iris Humm


We rely on our workplaces as sites of innovation, inspiration, and teamwork. To make sure our work can continue to flourish, we must recontextualize our workplaces to keep ideas flowing.

Workplace — Before
Workplace - Now

Arper has created a toolkit of simple and practical accessories to adapt the spaces where we work to the urgent demands of this moment.

Workplace — Before
Workplace — Now

Paravan Mood can be used as a desk divider, as seen here with Nuur. Used together, these two offerings provide safe working spaces while still maintaining a sense of exchange and comradery.



Vista 1_Arper.jpg
Cila Go, © Alga Studio

For students of all ages, today’s classrooms present opportunities for modular, flexible learning that suit the needs of the individual. From small groups to large lectures to independent work, products like Cila Go enable the classroom of today to be reconfigured to maintain a safe space.

After_Meeting Room.jpg
Educational — Now

For large groups, Stacy chair, thanks to its light weight, ease of movement and a tablet that can be used as a desk, guarantees the possibility of fast reconfiguration within the space, maintaining an adequate safe distances.

After_Meeting Room.jpg
Educational — Now

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