Balkonytower st.gallen

Balkonytower st.gallen

Markus Alder Architekten GmbH St.Gallen
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Balkonytower st.gallen

Markus Alder Architekten GmbH St.Gallen as Architects

The site of this project is an existing building lo-cated on the east side of St. Gallen. The existing building was built during the period of the ‘Jugend-stil’ in 1909. At the time of its original construction, the orientation to the sun was not considered to be of prime importance. More significant was the ori-entation to the street. Thus the building provides a loggia at each level on the north side facing the street which receives virtually no sunshine.

The present building owner wished to provide each apartment with a private exterior room in the form of a balcony. These balconies were naturally to be situated on the sunny south side of the building.

The problem to be solved was that of adding a modern addition to an older building with a very dominant character. The proposed solution is a construction of almost austere simplicity and an independent character. A clearly defined engineer-ing system with repetitive elements was used to emphasize the clarity of this independent form. With the play of colour in the materials and the play of light on its elements, the tower was given a sense of life as well as providing visual protection and shade from the sun.

The balcony tower is constructed using 3 different steel profiles. These are assembled to make 2 groups of elements: the flooring decks and the supporting posts. The lighting elements and the sun protective shades are integrated in the periph-ery of the deck elements. The lighting throws illu-minating washes on the shades and serves thus as visual protection at night since no shadows are produced.

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