Bank and Office Building Kaiser-Josef-Platz

Bank and Office Building Kaiser-Josef-Platz

Kleboth und Dollnig ZT GmbH
Wels, Austria
Project Year

Günter Richard Wett

Elegant Appearance in the Inner City

Kleboth und Dollnig ZT GmbH as Architects

The Square “Kaiser-Josef-Platz“ is the urban centre of the merchant City of Wels. This is where Hypo Bank Vorarlberg presents itself in the elegant office building of the investor Asset One. After several initiatives of the property owner, the project of kleboth lindinger partners has been chosen to realize a decisive step toward utilizing the full potential of this prominent site. During the planning phase, the central considerations were to respect the existing building and to create an impressive overall appearance. The project was planned in an efficient cooperation with the City administration of Wels, Asset One and the main, future tenant. Project realization was supervised by the planners who ensured that the precise budgets and work schedules were adhered to. The existing building remained intact while the site was upgraded through the renovation. It has thereby provided an important economic impulse to the neighbourhood. At the same time, the private investor benefits from a higher value of the property due to the creation of additional space for new uses.

As a bank, the building reflects security, conservativism and elegance. It is (again) recognized as an orientation point in the busy commercial activity which is taking place on the square. Clear lines, white render, marked cornices and shiny, dark-grey aluminium windows: Asset One now has a stylish, unobtrusive property, yet marked and independent in its appearance. The mixture of old and new, a synthesis between the renovated old building and the new space added have created urban elegance, once more emphasized by the impressive windows in the new part and the attic. The harmony between colours and shapes, the overall appearance of the building and numerous details create a Mediterranean impression: it appears light, self-contained and relaxed.

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