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Baoyan Park

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Baoyan Park

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For the project of Baoyan Park, designers fill every space with narrative themes  through the reasonable planning of space and clever arrangement of customer’s moving path. While this method not only transforms Baoyan Park into a parent-child space that can provide a comprehensive and complete entertainment experience, but also provides an exemplary solution for the common shortcomings in the parent-child park industry.


Firstly, designer carried on the comprehensive transformation to the plane design. After the overall planning and coordination of entertainment projects, a comprehensive theme park has been built, which integrates four major amusement areas, including Water park, Mini city, Climbing area and Cinema. At the same time, it also presents the ingenious idea of consumer's moving path, which not only realizes the separation of dry area and wet area, but also creates a route to experience two paradises. There is no interference between these two paradises, but they are connected at the entrance.


The water park has been built into a paradise through a lot of soft colors. In water park, there is a fierce water battle between the Mini Castle and the chariot through spouting water. Designers divide the water park into deep water area, water playing area and water pool, and create a lot of rest area using the form of castle and small pavilion. It is friendly park for consumers to achieve transformation between play and rest rapidly. Some of decorations of ceiling also are water spray.


Mini city has been built into a underwater town. The designers create a magic city with square and street use various arches, and built a strange paradise full of mechanical sense through rich color and blocks. These elements, including animal modeling and mechanical blocks, provide children with the basis of imagination and stimulate children to create their own stories in their minds. In terms of parents’ needs, designers as placed a large number of rest seats. Whether it is mechanical chairs or the seats integrated with background wall, these decoration seats provide place for parents to rest and watch their children.


The seats and tables in restaurant are designed into birdcage shape. The semi-closed birdcages not only protect privacy of the inside consumers, but also connect the vision of the consumers inside and outside the birdcage. In order to enrich the visual changes, designers place the birdcage tables at different heights through create a higher platform. Under this platform, there are children's play channels and sand pool. This design separates the play area and dining area, which means that restaurant could meet children’s play needs and parents’ dining needs at the same time.


Material Used :
1. Paint
2. Plastic
3. Wood
4. Steel
5. Glass
6. Leather

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