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Barn renovation

Barn renovation

Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects
5605 Dottikon, AG, Switzerland | View Map
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Barn renovation

Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects as Architects

This is an old farmershouse with a part for living, a old cowshed and a huge barn. There was a need for an additional room and a new kitchen. The first time we saw the house we were impressed by this huge barn, wich you can’t usualy find in a family house. We proposed to place the kitchen in this unused space. In this way we were able to get a well illuminated and large space for eating and cooking. The table has a lenght of 6.5m and is placed in the middle of the room, so it became the center of the house. The ceiling above the kitchen is completely in glass, even the girders, so it’s possible to see the entire space of the barn above. To rinforce vertical connection to the barn and to illuminate it there is a element in blue glass with lamps behind. The existing rooms in the house are totaly painted with a white colour, meanwhile in the new part every materials we added is dark. We did this for two reasons: first black is a good contrast to the old wood in the barn and second it seems more to be an outdoor space, because the façade is painted in black too.

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