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Private Houses
Fabio Santina


Archisbang as Architects

This project is focused on reinterpreting the building base. The burnished corten steel skin completely wraps up the ground floor of the existing building, reshaping the relationship between solids and voids under the new functional requirements. The metal skin becomes a three dimensional element just at extension of the living room, where wide glass surfaces open the heart of the house toward the landscape around. The flat roof of the extension represents the terrace of the upper level. The contemporary architectural language clearly highlights the contrast with the original building, while the attention taken in choosing color shades and material finishes, shows a respectful approach to the context and in dialogue with it. The same attention has been spent on the front terrace design: here, a set of stone paved curves and flowerbeds gradually join the terrace level with the ground one. This project is set up as a coherent transformation of the entire building resulting from several rehashes that have taken place during the Nienties and have led to a structure lacking of particular quality. In this line, some decorative incoherent elements are removed, other ones are replaced by more suitable solutions, whereas exposed bricks and gaps between them are kept and whitened to respect the original building. The existing cladding in stone is saved as well in order to keep a clear link with the surrounding mountain landscape. Inside the building, a continous and flowing space moves across the three floors and its perception is enlarged thanks to the large amount of natural light and the almost total lack of walls that fragment the space itself.

Renovation of the Hong Kong Museum of Art
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Renovation of the Hong Kong Museum of Art

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong - Build completed in 2018
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