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BASF Daycare-Center Lacki Kids
Roland Borgmann

BASF Daycare-Center Lacki Kids

BURHOFF und BURHOFF Architekten BDA as Architects

The day-care centre "Lacki Kids“ is built for the employee’s children from the company BASF Coatings in Münster, Germany. It is a facility for 60 children divided into four groups. The building is planned in a way to be easily extended into a two-story building for eight groups. One enters the building through a central entrance hall, which divides the building into two smaller sections.


To seperate these sections of the building we create a bigger space in front of the entrance. The multipurpose room marks the entrance with its eye-catching facade. The layout of the inner building is clearly ordered. The individual group-areas are composed of a wardrobe, a group-room, an adjoining room and a relaxation room, which are each designed as enclosed areas to give the children the necessary feeling of security. In each section of the building the hall widens and emerges into a larger „Plaza“ surrounded by two individual group areas.


The rounded walls within the area of the piazza contrast the clear forms of the architecture. The large outside facing windows along with the inner windows positioned at different heights Dreate transparency and versatile views.


Master Builders Solutions Coatings deals with the development and production of paint and varnish. The company´s character was supposed to be translated into the design of the facade implementing a broad spectrum of colours.


Vertical facade elements in different dimensions and a composition of eight different shades of colours wrap around the building. One part of the building is dominated by shades of yellow and orange, the other part is wrapped in shades of blue and green. The fundamental repeating colour of the facade islight grey.


The colour concept is repeated on the inside of the building. Each of the groups is related to a primary colour. The wardrobe is designed according to this specific colour. The floor is covered with linoleum in a natural beige colour and the window frames are made of oak wood and covered in black aluminium.


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