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Bauhaus Museum

Bauhaus Museum

Rafi Segal Architecture Urbanism LLC

Bauhaus Museum

Rafi Segal Architecture Urbanism LLC as Architects

More than a school, Bauhaus was a network. A network of people and ideas through which modern architecture and design was disseminated across the world. The impact of the Bauhaus can still be strongly felt in cities far apart as Tel Aviv and Buenos Aries.

In line with the Bauhaus principle that called for unification and integration (of industry and design) we propose a project that integrates building, city, infrastructure and landscape. Rather than designing a free standing ‘building in the park’ we propose a network of spaces: open, semi closed and closed that engage city, museum and park through a series of passages, courtyards and gardens.

Unified by a continuous roof structure intersecting arcades criss cross the park to create covered pedestrian passages, outdoor spaces and pavilions, while maintaining free movement in and through the park. Towards Kavalier strasse these passages become enclosed to form the interior of the museum, which is part above and part below ground.

In combination with the conventional exhibition space provided this design strategy promotes a multiplicity of means to experience, document and engage the public with the work the Bauhaus has produced. The roofs and sides of the arcades are use for projection, screening and display of visuals towards the city and the park.The structure itself becomes an interactive curatorial device.

The heritage of the Bauhaus is a living archive of buildings, objects and designs still being used, re-used and re-interpreted. The Bauhaus Museum in Dessau thus becomes the interface through which these diverse influences meet. The message is not stylistic or formal, but reflects an attitude towards design, an ongoing project of art and technology that is continuously renewed and brings new life into the city.

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