Benetton Building in Tehran

Benetton Building in Tehran

S.LAB architecture
Tehran, Iran
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Residential Landscape
dynamo architects

Designing for Benetton in Teheran - planning logic and choices.

S.LAB architecture as Architects

Tehran is an ancient city with rich history and mythology. It's characteristic geology is what makes it stand out from the more contemporary and flat European cities. Due to this uniqueness, careful consideration and respect to the city's history, customs and diversities would have to be taken while designing this building. As the city is established on an tableland this would have to be reflected in the design. Magic carpets have quite regularly appeared in Iranian literature since biblical times and are part of national culture. A magic carpet, also called a flying carpet, is a legendary carpet that can be used to transport persons who are on it instantaneously or quickly to their destination. In the concept of the design such a vibe would have to be given to the building. Floating dynamic spaces which give the sense of movement on the shop levels would let people go upwards and downwards and move within a playful uneven space. The cladding of the building is based on the idea of wrapping the whole structure in a fabric , inspired by Persian carpet knots and refers to Benetton's fashion design brand. This fabric idea would give a playful character to the building and would possibly be incorporating Benetton's colors, giving the idea that the building is wrapped in a thick knitted fabric from level 02 upwards. This serves the purpose of having a full pattern covering the building, opposed to a flat surface, which is not often seen in Iranian architecture, (notion of horror vacui occurring throughout Persian art) providing the offices and apartments with shading and protection from overheating. In this way, windows cannot be specified on the elevations. They can only be specified from the inside of the offices and apartments. the materials used for this knots effect will be mat-coloured tubular aluminium elements placed around vertical aluminium tubes which will give a light and flexible result. The design of the building incorporates four underground parking levels accessed from the back (north side) of the building through car lifts transporting cars up and down. These will be serving customers of the shops, office employees, as well us inhabitants. Parking spaces and levels will be split between different groups of people using them. Three two-storey shops are located on the ground level and can be accessed from the three different sides of the site. North, west and south. Each of these is separately connected to the floor above through staircases, escalators and lifts. The floating feeling in these shops is not only reflected on the floor but also on the ceiling of Level 00. The idea of flying carpet expressed in the retail areas created amphitheatrical levels which provides interesting / unexpected retail space - folded floor / multi-purpose space. Stages going up and down appear, creating fashion display areas or little enclosure areas (on the downward ones). Furthermore, wide steps are formed which can be used for displaying of stock and provide seating for resting within the area. Exploring the flying carpet shops interior takes customers into another dimension of shopping experience. Five levels of offices are located on top of the shops. These can be accessed from the south busy side of the building (Vali Asr street) through a main reception area, going upwards through separate stairs and lift. The lower office level (level 02) incorporates an internal courtyard with seating space and planted greenery. Employees will be enjoying in that way a pleasant space on their free time, away from the city's noise and traffic. All office levels will have visual access to this courtyard, while bridged structures on top of it will be enabling employees to walk on top of it. Level 05 includes two terraces with seating areas and more greenery to provide again pleasant spaces within a working environment, while level 06 will still have visual access to those terraces. Thanks to internal atrium offices are high quality, bright, non – deep plan, user friendly space. The top level shelters five modern city apartments accessed from the north and more quiet side of the site, through separate stairs (which are also used as fire escape stairs for offices) and lift. There are balconies in four of the apartments. More greenery is added finally at the top of the building to create a welcoming communal space for the inhabitants to relax in and enjoy.

Total building floor area is : 15 344 sqm Number of car parking spaces: 136 + 6 disabled

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